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Lunch is Served
11 April 2010

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Community Life
10 April 2010

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Cliff Dwellings
8 April 2010

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I made it!
9 January 2010

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Mt. Rushmore
3 January 2010

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Lonely Tree, Part Trois
2 January 2010

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Catching a breeze
22 November 2009

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Columbian Coffee
18 November 2009

Recent Comments

B. Thomas on Lunch is Served
Perfect title. I bet he is happy.

Phil David Alexander Morris on Footholds
very good picture as is the rest of your portfolio. Nice to see some history.

B. Thomas on Cliff Dwellings
Would love to see this one in color.

B. Thomas on Old Tree
Hey, Ansel - nice B&W of the canyon!

Cory on A Tree at Zion
Great shot. Zion's is such fertile ground for photography.

Curly on Checkerboard Mesa
Extremely interesting landscape Bob, I've never seen rock formations like this before.

Paul on The Watchtower at Grand Canyon
Very nice picture.

Olivier on A Tree at Zion
excellent shot!

daniela scharnowski on Brothers
a classic ;D Great shot and composing!

Self-Indulgence on The Northern Harrier
This is a classic shot, very beautifully composed.

Self-Indulgence on Bryce Canyon Amphitheater

Self-Indulgence on Mellow Yellow
Oh no, now I'll be singing that song. "I'm just mad about saffron, saffron's made about me.. dun ...

Curly on Bryce Canyon Amphitheater
Real eye candy!

Loner on The Stellar Jay
A very nice bird !

MK on The Northern Harrier
nice shot. a bit more contrast n it wud be a great shot. just n opinion

Curly on The Northern Harrier
I'd be happy too, it's a big bird and probably a rare shot.

B. Thomas on The Northern Harrier
The bird adds so much to the photo. Nice.

B. Thomas on Breckenridge
Lovely shot!

Curly on The 'Speakeasy' look
You had room for her feet too, what a pity they are missing. She does look like a natural model.

Michael on The 'Eye Candy' of the Evening...
How can I not resist clicking on the thumbnail image of this picture from amongst the other aminus3 photoblogs? :-) ...

Theys on The 'Eye Candy' of the Evening...
Very beautiful visual angle, beautiful color, good night.

Curly on The 'Eye Candy' of the Evening...
She certainly has great big............err...............eyelashes :-)

Jaap on The 'Eye Candy' of the Evening...
Great action, beautiful model, excellent shot.

mohsen on The 'Eye Candy' of the Evening...
This photo to me the friendship with you will lead bad background

Michael Skorulski on The 'Eye Candy' of the Evening...
Eye candy is right ! An enjoyable nibble to be sure and an excellent action pic.

Magda on Barb at Grand Tetons
what a gorgeous view! great shot of your beautiful wife :)

Magda on The Window
beautiful detail and colours

Magda on Miss Photogenic
beautiful smile! :)

Rags on Miss Photogenic
She has a pretty smile.

Curly on The Window
Perfectly exposed, nicely saturated colours.

theys on The Window
Really beautiful,great shot!

Wenche on The Window
That is one of the most beautiful windows I´ve ever seen - love, serenity... Wish I was there! Lovely shot.

B. Thomas on What a majestic view
I want to be there now! Well done.

B. Thomas on Mormon Row
Nice - a classic Teton shot that works well in B&W.

B. Thomas on Bear Cub in a tree
Nice. We saw a cub up in a tree on the Camas Road in Glacier, but could never spot the mother so we took a few shots ...

Paul on Mormon Row
Very nice

Curly on Grouse alongside the road
A rare capture Bob, these things tend to take you by surprise!

itzmedeepa on The Grand Tetons
excellent framing!

B. Thomas on The Grand Tetons
Nice framing. This is a different and original take on what sometimes becomes very typical shot.

Stephanie on Old Farmhouse and fence
Great the fence!

K.B.R on Osprey with Lunch II

B. Thomas on Osprey with Lunch II
Isn't it amazing how they carry the fist facing into the wind, while eagles carry them sideways - at least that is ...

B. Thomas on Grand Tetons National Park
Nice placement of the sign with the mountains behind. I love this place.

dang on Mid-morning
I love the scene. Canon tends to over-expose a bit, so you might want to compensate via the menu to avoid blowing the ...

Paul on Dragonfly - closeup
Nice one .....

Stranger on Dragonfly - closeup
Nice shot Ilike it .

Curly on Dragonfly - closeup
Beautiful well detailed macro shot Bob.

Patricia on Dragonfly - closeup
Very beautiful (✿◠‿◠)❤

steve on Dragon Fly on a Rock
Nice close-up. The tail is a great leading line into the photo.

Self-Indulgence on Dragon Fly on a Rock
Great effect with his shadow beneath him. Even with how small he is he has one!

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